Viewmaster Thomas The Tank Deluxe Gift Set Review

Viewmaster Thomas The Tank Deluxe Gift Set
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This is a toy I loved as a child, and I love seeing the same spark in my sons eyes. I had bought this a few days for our upcoming plane trip. Once we walked out of the store I opened the box, and my son wouldn't put it down. It is quiet, and easy for a 2 year old to use once they get the hang of pushing the lever all the way down. I chose the Thomas set because when I was looking for reels I did not see a Thomas pack, but I did see Nemo, Batman, Wiggles, and Dora. Another reason we went with the traditional model, is because on this one the lever gets pushed down and the newer ones the lever needs to be pushed forward, which was too hard for my 2 year old to do. My 2 year old even knows how to change the reels with no problems.
At this age there isn't much educational value at this age, but for older kids they can make up stories and let their creativity soar or read the story on the reels (in the middle of the eye pieces). I had also seen a projector for the older kids to really make up their own story, and everyone can see.
Our biggest problem...My son won't remove this from his eyes, and he keeps walking into walls and furniture.
I already bought the Nemo cartridge, and I can't wait to buy more.

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